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5Mag Wayne Rooney

#5 Magazine – Issue05 / Wayne Rooney

Cover Feature with Wayne Rooney – #5 Mag / Issue05 – Again using an interactive grid which consists of 4 panels each containing content. The page was designed without assets with the intention it could be (more…)

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#5 Magazine – Issue03 / Kurt Cobain

Legend with Kurt Cobain – #5 Mag / Issue03 – Using an interactive time-line this spread shows the album release dates of the band Nirvana. Five panels three of which are visible (more…)

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Rio Ferdinands 5Magazine Issue 04

#5 Magazine – Issue04 / Skills School

Skill School with Dan Magness – #5 Mag / Issue05 – The Video Producer and I at AnotherStickyProduction travelled through London following this successful world record attempt. We managed to obtain some exclusive video footage which was to be used in this spread. I first started with the idea of a map that would trace […]

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#5 Magazine – Issue04 / Dizzee Rascal

Confessions with Dizzee Rascal – #5 Mag / Issue04 – Again this spread features an exclusive video trailer and a Q&A style interview with the rapper. I used an interactive grid system on an angle which shows and reveals content. This has been a successful spread allowing a great user experience and making good use […]

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#5 Magazine – Issue04 / David Haye

Cover Feature with David Haye – #5 Mag / Issue05 – 4 panels of content which are rotated on a single axis each panel contains either video or copy. The two buttons/script command the carousel to rotate into position.

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