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#5 Magazine – Issue04 / Skills School

Skill School with Dan Magness – #5 Mag / Issue05 – The Video Producer and I at AnotherStickyProduction travelled through London following this successful world record attempt. We managed to obtain some exclusive video footage which was to be used in this spread. I first started with the idea of a map that would trace the footsteps of the route taken by the record holder of longest distance traveled doing keepy ups. I took a map of London and I pin pointed each of the stadiums visited along the way and created a dashed line for the route taken, this was then animated in sequence to show the total route traveled. Along side the map is the video which due to space is clever hidden only to be revealed when the button is clicked. Click here to view this page


#5 Magazine – Issue04 / Dizzee Rascal

Confessions with Dizzee Rascal – #5 Mag / Issue04 – Again this spread features an exclusive video trailer and a Q&A style interview with the rapper. I used an interactive grid system on an angle which shows and reveals content. This has been a successful spread allowing a great user experience and making good use of a digital magazines interactive capabilities. The spread had been previously templated and used in subsequent issues. Click Here to view the page.


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